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Welcome to the online home of the Deacon Care Family Ministry for the 21234 and 21239 zip codes of Mount Pleasant Church and Ministries, Baltimore, Maryland. We are better known as the "34/39 Zip Zone!"
The Mount Pleasant members of 21234 and 21239 have joined together for a number of activities. Sunday breakfast at church, a Saturday breakfast and walk in the park, Sunday dinner, Meet and Greet after service, and a Resource Center Fellowship. Page down for the latest information, then enjoy the photo slideshow at the bottom of the page.

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Virtual "Relational Discipleship" Link

This link will be our "roll call" list. Please let the rest of the group know who you are by clicking on the "comments" link below, and writing and posting your greeting/introduction (e.g. name, ministry, etc.) in the box. Click "publish." Your comment will be sent to the moderator and will appear online within 72 hours or less. Your entry will be posted here, under "Comments." Come on, join in! Get to know your other 34-39 zip zone members!


Renetta G. Tull said...

Renetta Tull, Deacon Care Ministry, Deaf Ministry. I graduated from Master Life in 2006 (Co-laborers: Sis. Shirley Barber & Sis. Felicia Moore). I work with college students (undergrad - grad school) and am committed to doing anything that I can do help students to use their gifts and walk in their purpose.
"Work" website:

DCFM 34-39 ZipZone Team said...

Sis. Marie R. Cornish

Women's Bible Study

DCFM 34-39 ZipZone Team said...

Stanley Blackwell (Resource Center)

DCFM 34-39 ZipZone Team said...

Georgette Washington:
I am
currently studying a Morgan for my EdD in Urban
Educational Leadership. I also teach 3rd grade at Mt.
Pleasant Christian School.

DCFM 34-39 ZipZone Team said...

Deborah Johns:

Women's Ministry
Core Team for Family & Friends

DCFM 34-39 ZipZone Team said...

Virginia Harris
(Household Members: Sandra Johnson - Deaf Ministry, Nylea Chesley)

Corinthia Cromwell said...

Hello All,
This is Corinthia and I love the new look of Mount Pleasant!!!! This is great!!! I am in the music ministry, core team Family and Friends and the music ministry re-org team. I am both a Howard University and New York University Grad. I currently work in Health care, in which I love as well as I have a music management company. I love my job and I love my church, what an awesome combination. I am currently taking Masterlife and it is soooooo awesome. God is so good and His mercies endureth forever.God Bless

Floyd Brice said...

Floyd Brice - Ambassador Ministry - Agape Team.
Campus Police Officer - Loyola College in Maryland.
Husband of: Robin C.
Father of: Joshua Aaron & Jordan Caleb