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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sermon Notes - Highlights, Jan. 27, 7:45 service: "The Luciferian Attitude, Pt. 2"

Please note that these highlights are neither a substitute for attending services nor getting the CD/DVD for Bishop Johnson's full content. These notes serve as a supplement for your home study during the week. ALL NOTES ARE HIGHLIGHTS OF BISHOP JOHNSON'S EXACT WORDS. THESE NOTES ARE NOT PARAPHRASED.

"FIRST" (definition) - A basic essential affecting the foundation of something. God is #1 in a series. God is defined as:
  • The first person
  • Existing before time.
The Foundation
People try to build a life with no foundation. Scriptures: Matt 7:24, Matt 7:21-19.
People can be religious, in love with the notion of God and Jesus, aware of Him, but not really know God.

Teaching about Jesus -- Motivates you.
Teaching Jesus -- Changes you.

You need a firm foundation because the storms of life are certain. If I never had a storm, I wouldn't know how to trust Him, I wouldn't know how to take Him at His word.

I don't just want to have favor, I want to live in favor.

Some things come my way and shake me, but my foundation is firm.

Jesus says "There is a person who does not understand skill for living." Matt: 7: 26-27.

Wise vs Foolish:
Wise: digs deep, takes time to build
Foolish: wants everything easy, doesn't feel a sense of responsibility
Both: Storms will come
(Foolish: Foundation may look good, but can't stand up to the storm.)

Jesus didn't say it wouldn't be hard. He said that he would be with you through it.

A contractor cannot go successfully beyond his first mistake. The question is not if it will fall, the question is when.

God's intention for Adam and Eve: was not tempt them, it was to remind them the HE is LORD.

Lucifer took the desire of the heart and twisted it. He will skew it.

If you missed the game by 1 point, you still lost.

God wanted to keep them from evil, and from what did not belong to them. Because only God knows how to deal with evil effectively.

Scriptures: Isaiah 14:12-14, Ezekial 28:11-19, Luke 10:18

Lucifer had a will of his own. Lucifer wants to distract you. The Devil can't do anything with you until you think it!

Think Holy Thoughts!
Say: "The blood of JESUS is against you NOW!"

The curse came because Adam & Eve neglected to put GOD AND HIS COMMANDS FIRST.

Some of us are so concerned with our "rightness" that we mess up our righteousness with God. God will never tell you to do something that is outside of His will.

We are in a Luciferian attitude if challenge God's authority.
--> Christian by confession, but carrying a Luciferian spirit.
--> You don't have to be demon-possessed to have a Luciferian attitude.
--> You can be in it before you realize you're there.

Say: "I'd rather be in the dark with Jesus, than in the light with Satan."

Luciferian Attitude: manifested in attitude/mindset that puts itself above God.
Proverbs 3:1-9 (v. 5) We get in trouble because we trust ourselves.
Do not rely on your own understanding.
In all your ways, acknowledge Him!
When you're up, when you're down
When it's easy, when it's hard
Make Him first, He'll cover the rest.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Announcements: Red Dress, 34/39 Member Corinthia (Chrissy) Cromwell, Bible Study

Coming Sunday, Feb. 10: Red Dress Sunday. All are asked to wear red to raise awareness of heart disease, especially in the African-American community.

Information from the National Institutes of Health:

Announcements: (Please be sure to refer to other announcements on the Mount Pleasant website and in the Ministry Update newsletter.)
  • Register now for Home Builders (Marriage Ministry classes) and the Life Changing Christian Institute (formerly the Bible Institute) in the Narthex after services.
  • Internships for college students are available through Congressman Elijah Cummings' office. Applications are due 2/28. Information is in the church's office.
  • Bone scans can be conducted Jan. 7-24 at the NIA Gerontology Center. Age. 30-64. Weight limit: 270. Call the church office for details.
  • Hepatitis C screenings. If you participated in the screening this summer, call the 800# on the card that you received to hear your results. You can also call the church office for the 800#. When you call the 800# give them the date for the screening as a reference: August 18, 2007.
  • Click the link for 34/39 member (and Mount Pleasant Saxophonist) Corinthia (Chrissy) Cromwell, and listen to her song. More clicks on her link keep her song in rotation on the radio station!
7 p.m. Tuesdays.

Men's Bible Study, location - Choir Room: Books: Living in the Word (Authors: Hendricks and Hendricks) and The Student Bible Dictionary (Author: Dockrey, et al). These books will be available in the Resource Center.

Women's Bible Study, location - Grand Fellowship Hall. Topics "Women of the Bible." Next teacher for 1/22/08 - Sis. Jackie Ladd.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Highlights: 7:45 service, Jan. 20, 2008. "The Luciferian Attitude"

All are encouraged to review with the official CD/DVD, avaiable in the Narthex after services.

Scriptures: Matt 7:21-29, Luke 10:17-20

"Lucifer was the first to try to dethrone God."

Isaiah 14-12:14 --- Lucifer fell into pride.

"Lucifer was so full of himself that he left no room for God."

"Lucifer's mistakes:
  1. He thought that he was the source of his beauty.
  2. He forgot that he was only beautiful when he was reflecting God's glory.
  3. His own self-centeredness and pride blinded him to the fact that he could never be greater than God."
"You can't get saved until you dethrone yourself and enthrone God!

"There are billions and trillions of glaxies. Our God created them. If he can name billions of stars - galaxies, he can handle our little problem. Great is our God."

"Sadly, God must contend with our pride, greed, and thirst for personal power."

"The devil attacks you where you think you're strong because that's where you let your guard down."

"This attitude caused Lucifer to lose his place in heaven. this Luciferian attitude will challenge God's place in our lives."

"When 'I' becomes first in our lives, trouble will most likely follow."

"It is impossible for anyone or anything to replace God as first."

"He (God) has to be the foundation. Remember, you can't have walls or a ceiling without a foundation."

"Remember, your job is not your source, it's just a resource that the SOURCE (God) decided to use."

"God is able, but He's got to be first."

"Trust Him when you can't track Him. The wilderness experience is your character builder."

Notes Sun. Jan. 13, 2008. "Either He is Lord of All, or Not Lord at All", The Law of First Things, Pt. 2, Plus Min. Sherrin's msg

Please remember to refer to the CD/DVD for the full review.

"To worship the Lord with all your heart, it has to be intentional and purposeful, then if must be personal."


"A law is not moved by our opinion."

Remember Psalm 90 (See comments in previous post for the full scriptural text.)

"Before there was a 'was', there was God."

Scriptural references: Psalm 147: 1-5, Isaiah 40: 12-17, 18, 21-16, 29-30

"God has infinite wisdom - skill for living."

"Anything that has your attention and keeps it too long is your god."

"We have such a temporary life - think about that when you're about to sin."

"He made everything. When you think about molecular structure, ions and protons -- he made matter."

"I'm not here because I'm so good, I'm here because of His faithfulness."


NOTE: Min. Sherrin's message at 10:35
"Lest I Forget, Let's Get Busy"
Scriptural text: Ephesians 2:1-3, 4-10
Psalm 107:2 (Let the Redeemed of the Lord Say So."

"What is God getting out of the redemption on your life? God is still waiting for a return on His investment."

"How does God benefit from His investment? How do the lost benefit? How do those in the body benefit?"

"When your commitment is more to a person than it is to God, that's entrapment, that's slavery."

"Remember, your life should revolve around your relationship with God, not the other way around."

"Do not allow yourself to pattern after those who don't take ministry seriously."

January Sermon Notes: Highlights from 1/6/08, The Law of First Things

Occasionally, we will have an opportunity to post segments from Bishop Johnson's sermons. Notes in quotes ("") are Bishop Johnson's words. The notes posted here do not replace coming to service or getting the message from the CDs or DVDs. These notes are small snippets that are being provided to encourage us to continue studying the Word during the week and to apply the truths to our lives.

Notes from 7:45 and 10:45 Services, 1/6/08

The Law of First Things

Teach us to number our days.
Scriptures: Psalm 90, Luke 6: 46-49
[Full scriptural texts are found in the Comments section of this post.]

From Psalm 90: There are 3 Dimensions of Time
1) From Everlasting to Everlasting (v. 1-2), 2) Year to Year (v. 3-12), 3) Day to Day (v. 13-17)

"See your life on a 3-dimensional basis, Living for God today, next month, next year ... because I'm on my way to eternity."

"God is the 1st. He is infinite ... whether we give Him his due or not; whether we believe it or not. God is infinite, he is limitless."

Remember Genesis 1: In the beginning God ...
"This was not God's beginning. God started time."

Scriptures: Psalm 147:1-5; Isaiah 40: 1-3, 12-18; Isaiah 40:28-31

"People who could not grasp the infinitude of God worshiped the things that God made. "
"God is where our life is."

Note: Psalm 90:11 The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away.
This is the timing that was used for the time in the desert. God designed us for 120 years!

Psalm 90:11: "We don't understand the risk we take with purposeful sin."

"Do we wake up and walk out the door with a reverential fear of God?"

Psalm 90:15
Make us glad according to the days wherein thou hast afflicted us, and the years wherein we have seen evil.
"God gives us joy in the amount of our trouble."

"Jesus died for everyone in the world. You have to make a decision to agree with His choice. Then He'll give you eternal life."

"Why would God trust you with the big things when you don't trust Him with the little things?"

"No season comes with cloudless skies. Every season has its issue ... You can see challenges coming and see them as opportunities and potential."

"If you're not able to get lessons in the wilderness, you won't be able to operate in the promised land."

"If you made decisions and there are consequences, learn from those consequences quickly - there's a benefit on the other side."

"God is the teacher, let Him teach you. Take copious notes, do what He says so that you can move out of the wilderness faster."

"Many of us don't want to live a long life because we don't see this place as a place where the glory of God can work through us."

"Make up your mind today, that you are not going to go before its time. When it's time, die empty. Don't take any creativity, talent, potential to the grave yard."

"There's a principle about 1st things. God is first in everything."

"Anytime God can know every star by name, you know that He doesn't have a problem with your issue."

Additional scriptures: Psalm 91:1-2; Psalm 27:1-2
"Remember that the Lord is sovereign. Read this while you you remember that the Lord is infinite!"

"Remember, every one of your private victories makes you ready for your public giants."

Bishop Johnson reminds us that we don't come to church to feel better, we come to know better.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bible Study Resumes tonight!

Hello 34/39!

Bible Study starts again tonight! Ladies usually meet in the Grand Fellowship Hall and the Men typically meet in the Choir Room. Bible Study time is a wonderful learning experience and a great time of fellowship. Ladies, you will have a chance to learn and interact with Lady Johnson, talk about women's issues, and hear truths of the Bible and how they are relevant to life. Men, have the wonderful opportunity to interact in a Men-only environment, many times with Bishop Johnson. There are also classes and programs for the children.

Let's keep in mind our scriptures for the week from Bishop's sermon on the "Law of First Things."
Psalm 90, Luke 6, Matthew 7.

The full text for Psalm 90 can be found in the comments section.

We'll see you at Bible Study tonight!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Thank you for attending the 34/39 Breakfast!

We had such great time at the 21234 & 21239 Unity Breakfast!
Thank you for sitting with other 34/39 members during 7:45 and 10:45 and for coming to the breakfast! We had more than 70 members attend! Thank you for continuing to support the zipzone!

Please continue to fellowship with one another at church and
in your neighborhoods.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

34/39 ($2) Breakfast! After 7:45, Sunday, Jan. 13

REMINDER: It's a 21234 & 21239 Celebration!

BREAKFAST: Sunday, Jan. 13!

The Deacon Care Team for the 21234 & 21239 Zip Zone would like to invite all 21234 & 21239 (34/39!) Members to a "34/39 Breakfast to celebrate 2008!"

Sunday, January 13, 2007.
Immediately following the 7:45 service.
Location: Grand Fellowship Hall
The cost is $2 (pay the cashier as you get your food.)
(Menu: Eggs, bacon, pastry, coffee/tea, juice)

So please stay after the 7:45 A.M. "Intentional Worship Sunrise Conference" service and/or come early for the 10:45 service and join us! We will also have "unity seating" in the sanctuary. We will sit together in a special section for both services on that Sunday. We will be in section 5A of the sanctuary. Please be sure to get your 34/39 nametag in the Narthex prior to the 7:45 service so that you can be directed to area that has been designated us. 10:45 Worshippers will get their nametags at breakfast. We're looking forward to worshipping and fellowshipping together.

We'll see you for worship and breakfast on Sunday, January 13!

-Your 34/39 Deaconcare ZipZone Team: Deac. & Sis. Lewis, Deac. & Sis. Moore, Bro. & Sis. Tull