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The Mount Pleasant members of 21234 and 21239 have joined together for a number of activities. Sunday breakfast at church, a Saturday breakfast and walk in the park, Sunday dinner, Meet and Greet after service, and a Resource Center Fellowship. Page down for the latest information, then enjoy the photo slideshow at the bottom of the page.

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Friday, February 29, 2008

Coming Soon: Women of Faith Conference trip to DC, July 11-12

Women of Faith Conference.

The Women of MPCM will be attending the Women of Faith Conference for women of all ages. July 11-12 at the Verizon Center in Washington, DC. Sign-up will be in the Narthex after services.

Sermon Highlights: Sun. Feb. 17, 2008, 7:45 & 10:45


Scriptural references: John 15: 1-7, 8-9, 10-16, end at verse 17.

[Bishop's Note: The promises of God are not affected by things around us (e.g. the economy!)]
He's able to make ends meet. They might not overlap, but they will meet.

* We try to use our unsanctified common sense to get us out of situations that only God can help with.
*Every conception should have a formation.

* In every place where you and I are tempted, Jesus was tempted.

* Jesus was our substitute (death, burial, and resurrection.)

* Q: Have you ever wondered why He didn't stop the evil one? A: e was acting on our behalf. He died for us, not for himself.

Things we must do:
  • We must accept as our own what has been done for us.
  • We must step in and take full possession.
  • Realize it was ours originally.
  • Know that Jesus won't take it back.
Note: John 15: 1-7, the word "ABIDE" shows up 8 times in 6 verses. Abide means to indwell, reside in, inhabit, occupy, stay in.

* A Love relationship makes me abide.

* Note that God wants His Words to abide in us.

* When you're in a difficult place, obey. If you're in a difficult place, educate your faith. God did not give us the spirit of fear.


* If people around you don't want to be radically obedient, don't hang with them.

* God says "Don't fear, don't be terrorized, I'm with you. I will harden you against this difficulty."

* Obedience and abiding carry it the promise of answered prayer.
Note: You don't tell God how to answer or who to answer through.

  • Abiding gives you clarity!
  • Abiding gives you confidence and authority!
  • Abiding gives you patience!
Remember, you have to abide first (John 15:7).

*Whatever word He speaks, you can then "will" it -- not wish it. Know the Word, then you can will it.

*When the difficulty gets tight, you get strengthened with might, when you use the name.

* You shouldn't wait for tragedy to happen before you know Jesus.

* The Word of God supercedes your culture.

* Step into it ... FULL POSSESSION!

Closing comment: Everyone say ask the Lord to "Take from me any inclination to think of saying: I can't, if only, I'll never, or it's a problem."

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Prayer Requests for 34/39 Members who are healing or have loss

Please continue to pray for the following 34/39 members:

  • Sis. Burline Danzler on the passing of her mother (services are this morning.)
  • Sis. Sherian Kelly is home from the hospital and under doctor's care.
  • Mother Mary Washington is home from the hospital; her foot is healing
  • Sis. Dorene Leazer on the passing of her brother last month.
  • Sis. Shirley Clash on the passing of her mother.
  • Bro. Henry & Sis. Mae Edward (back in church and continuing to heal.)
  • Our shut-ins:
    • Mother Catherine Peay
    • Mother Mary H. Davis
    • Mother Mary M. Davis
    • Sis. Thelma Parker
    • Sis. Rosa Burton

Monday, February 18, 2008

Food Delivery -- help needed

All hands on deck!

The Silver Saints expect a food delivery on Wednesday February 27th. We need every able bodied man ( women too) to assist in distribution of the food products to our Silver Saints. Not only is a little work involved, but a good time of fellowship with the saints! Delivery is normally in the morning (9:00 -10:00) and distribution takes only an hour or so. Please come and help us with this project. This request is being made on behalf of Sister Mozell Fields and the Silver Saints Ministry.

See You There!

Condolences for 34/39 Member Sis. Burline Danzler

We are in prayer for Sis. Burline Danzler on the passing of her mother. Services will be held at Mount Pleasant on Tues. 2/19, viewing begins at 10:30.

JOBS available! Respond before March 15

Unemployment among members of Mount Pleasant can end now! NEARLY EVERY ADULT CAN HAVE A JOB. M. Gibbs & Company announces jobs available for all. Be a driver or an aide (and mentor to youth!) for buses in the Baltimore City School System. $10/hour for aides, $16/hour for drivers. M. Gibbs & Co. will talk to you about training, physicals, and the background check. There are no limits to the numbers that can be hired! Call today, 410-558-0880. All drivers and aides must be hired by March 15, so please plan to be involved now.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sermon Highlights: Feb. 11, 2008, 7:45 & 10:45

7:45: Minister Clifford M. Johnson III:

Scriptural Text: John 2: 1- 11
"Steps to a Miracle (Just Do it!)"

  1. In order to receive your miracle, the first thing you need to do is invite Jesus (see V. 2)
  2. Pray without ceasing - this is a form of talking to Jesus (V. 3) . [Note: there were no demands, just a statement about an observation, no one tried to tell Him how to do it.]
  3. Obey without ceasing. When He talks back to you, obey.
    1. Don't delay, obey!
    2. If you question and doubt, you will miss out!
    3. When you doubt, Jesus can't bring you out!
Note: Matt 13:58, Jesus did not do many miracles there because of their unbelief.


10:45: Minister John Sherrin:
Scriptural Text: I Thess. 2:1-6, Acts 9:1-5, 10-20
"Holy Boldness"

  • You can't be bold for something that yhou have no knowledge of; you can't be bold for someone that you don't know.
  • I wouldn't let anyone or anything distract me from getting to know a God that I say I love.
  • There is a confidence that comes when you are doing exactly what God has called you to do and be.
  • Boldness is born out of confidence and understanding.
  • Be confident; know who you are in Christ. Get an understanding of the Word for yourself.
  • Young people ... you set the standard! (Example: Noah had to stand alone.)
  • God has a purpose for everyone here.
  • Dare to walk in holy boldness and watch God work in and through your life.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tues. Feb. 12 activities @ MPCM postponed (e.g. Bible Study)

Hello 34/39 and friends,

Our Tuesday activities (e.g. Bible Study) have been postponed and will not occur tonight due to a water main break and icy conditions.

Quick notes: 7:45/10:45 sermons, Feb. 3, 2008. Don't Worry!

2nd Tim 1:7, Phil 4:4-7, Matt 6:25

Q: What does God expect?
A: Matt 22:37

Worry is not the will of God for the child of God. Phil 4:6

Q: How did we begin?
A: James 4:7

Never let a truth of God that has been brought into your life pass without acting on it. If you hear it, act on it. The weakest saint who transacts business with Jesus Christ is free once he acts. Notice I didn't say when you "feel" ... when you "act."

Whatever the stronghold there is a wonderful invitation to cast it on HIM. Have no confidence in the flesh, the flesh will fail you.

Do not be anxious. (Matt 6)

The battle is not outside, it's in your mind.

When you cast it, you draw nigh to God and He draws nigh to you and you can't go back and get that thing! There's a hiding place in the word of God. There is no failure in God.
NOTE: Review the six problems with worry from 1/27 sermon (listed below).

Monday, February 4, 2008

Special Job Opp announced Sunday, FAA

From the Sunday Announcements:

The FAA is hiring and training to build up its numbers of Air Traffic Controllers.

Here are some links:

All jobs:

For more information, call the church office.

UPDATE For Red Dress Sunday: Men are asked to join the campaign for awareness of heart disease by wearing red ties.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Short announcements: Red Dress, Health!, Ark Church, Bible Study

Photos show some of our 34/39 Members with friends at Men's and Women's Bible Study!

Bible Study is held every Tuesday night at 7 p.m. except for the Tuesday after the first Sunday of the month. Men's Bible Study - NEW LOCATION - Multipurpose Room. Women's Bible Study - Grand Fellowship Hall. Stop by the MPCM Administrative office to find locations for the children's classes.

Remember Red Dress Sunday, Feb. 10. Wear something red to raise awareness of heart disease in the community. Page down to one of the earlier posts for more details. Following 7:45 and 10:45 services on 2/10, FREE blood pressure screenings will be conducted.

Ladies (all zip zones!) Are you interested in getting together to do something related to maintaining good health? The Ladies of the Women's Bible Study are getting together to do something - work together to develop healthy lifestyles. The first short meeting (15-20 minutes) will be held after the next Women's Bible Study in the Grand Fellowship Hall, 2/12. See Sisters Hazel Teal or Lisa Nesmith for details.

Save the date; mark your calendars: MPCM is joining the ARK CHURCH for worship on Wednesday night, Feb. 27. Bishop is asking all ministries to be present. All members, please plan to attend. Ark Church address and directions:

1/27/08 10:45 Service - Highlights. TOPIC: WORRY!; 5:00 service: "Cross-training ..."

At the 10:45 service, Bishop Johnson reminded us not to worry. Please be sure to get the CD/DVD for the full version of this life-changing message!
Scriptural Text: Matthew Chapter 6.

  1. It keeps you from enjoying what you already have.
  2. It makes you forget your value; it makes you forget your worth.
  3. Worry is a complete waste of energy, a complete waste of time.
  4. Worry erases the promises of God from your mind.
  5. Worry is a characteristic of non-believers.
  6. It makes you assume responsibilities that don't belong to you.
I Pet. 5:7. Cast the care (stronghold) on Jesus. Even the residual. Don't cast it and hold it, because then He can't take it. Cast it AWAY from you, like bait on a fisherman's hook.
5:00 p.m. Baptismal Service
Speaker: Min. Lionel Harris: Cross-Training for Discipleship
Key: you have to CHOOSE to love, not just to our brothers, friends, spouses. Love all -- Choose!
Scriptures: John 13:34-35, Lev 19:18, John 3:16, 1 John 4:8, 4:16
Proverbs 10:12, I Pet 4:8, Romans 5:8, John 14:15

Condolences to 34/39 Member Dorene Leazer

Message from 34/39 Member and MPCM Ambassador (Usher Ministry) , Floyd Brice:

"Let us remember our very own Dorene Leazer and her family in prayer. Her brother, Reginald Hawkins passed away on last week.
Visitation of the remains will be held at the Vaughn C. Greene Funeral Home, 4905 York Road , 410.775.5084 on Friday, February 1st from 4:00 PM until 8:00 PM.
Christian wake will be held at The Pennsylvania Ave. AME Zion Church located 1128 Pennsylvania Avenue, 410-728-7416. on Saturday, February 2nd @ 10:00 AM. Funeral service will follow @ 10:30 AM."

Sis. Dorene Leazer lives in the 34/39 ZipZone.