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Friday, February 29, 2008

Sermon Highlights: Sun. Feb. 17, 2008, 7:45 & 10:45


Scriptural references: John 15: 1-7, 8-9, 10-16, end at verse 17.

[Bishop's Note: The promises of God are not affected by things around us (e.g. the economy!)]
He's able to make ends meet. They might not overlap, but they will meet.

* We try to use our unsanctified common sense to get us out of situations that only God can help with.
*Every conception should have a formation.

* In every place where you and I are tempted, Jesus was tempted.

* Jesus was our substitute (death, burial, and resurrection.)

* Q: Have you ever wondered why He didn't stop the evil one? A: e was acting on our behalf. He died for us, not for himself.

Things we must do:
  • We must accept as our own what has been done for us.
  • We must step in and take full possession.
  • Realize it was ours originally.
  • Know that Jesus won't take it back.
Note: John 15: 1-7, the word "ABIDE" shows up 8 times in 6 verses. Abide means to indwell, reside in, inhabit, occupy, stay in.

* A Love relationship makes me abide.

* Note that God wants His Words to abide in us.

* When you're in a difficult place, obey. If you're in a difficult place, educate your faith. God did not give us the spirit of fear.


* If people around you don't want to be radically obedient, don't hang with them.

* God says "Don't fear, don't be terrorized, I'm with you. I will harden you against this difficulty."

* Obedience and abiding carry it the promise of answered prayer.
Note: You don't tell God how to answer or who to answer through.

  • Abiding gives you clarity!
  • Abiding gives you confidence and authority!
  • Abiding gives you patience!
Remember, you have to abide first (John 15:7).

*Whatever word He speaks, you can then "will" it -- not wish it. Know the Word, then you can will it.

*When the difficulty gets tight, you get strengthened with might, when you use the name.

* You shouldn't wait for tragedy to happen before you know Jesus.

* The Word of God supercedes your culture.

* Step into it ... FULL POSSESSION!

Closing comment: Everyone say ask the Lord to "Take from me any inclination to think of saying: I can't, if only, I'll never, or it's a problem."

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