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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sermon Highlights, Sunday, 3/16/08

Transformation and change do not occur because you try harder, it happens because you train wisely.

Scriptural texts: John 14:12-16, Phil 2:13, John 15:5-7, Luke 10:19

Rejoice in the fact that your name is written.
"The Staggering Promise" --> John 15:5, John 15:7
Words unlock access to the privilege and right to use His name: love, obey, abide.
Love obeys, then love abides. Proof that you love me (Christ) is when you obey.

A lot of people allow people to be their savior, but won't let HIM be their God.

Keep: Conform to habits of conduct, to stay in accord with, preserve, maintain.

Remain: Accept Jesus as your savior, continue or persevere in believing, believing/loving obedience.

Loving Jesus will cause you to abide, abiding will cause you to obey.

The union between Jesus and his disciples in intentional, it is personal.

He never sends us into the world to accomplish His mission unarmed, ill-equipped.

Sometimes I can't track Him, but I have to love and trust His heart.

He loves me, with all of my mess, He still loves me.

This love is not vague. He says "when you remain in me, I will give you MY joy." The closer you get to difficulty, the greater the joy. Joy will grow in power and in depth by their obedience. The obedience will magnify your power. More difficulty = opportunity to exercise faith, and train. There's POWER in the name of Jesus! The closer you get to Jesus, the more powerful you become.

How's your love live?
Strong enough to obey?
Love Him enough to abide?
Love Him enough to remain?

Assignment: Read: Phil, chapters 1 & 2;
Read: John, chapters 14 & 15.

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